Spiritual Goal Setting

Spiritual Goal Setting

The 3 spiritual goal setting steps straight from my heart to you:

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 Sit Quiet and Listen.
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 Feel what your heart wants and know where it wants to go.
 Re-align what you do with what your heart wants.

Step #1: Spiritual goal setting begins with clearly knowing where you are now.

How many times have you thought about your life and about your journey? And why you are doing what you’re doing now? We come to this world, we go through different phases of life, and we learn what the world teaches us.

However, have you questioned why you do what you do?

Obviously, we learn those things to make sure we fit in to the society. We do those things the way the world wants it because we want to make a living, meet our needs and wants and take care of our self and family. I think that is all OK!

But, does it not get monotonous at times? Does it not get senseless at times? I don’t know about you but quite often these questions arise in my mind, and more so as I grow older every day.

You wake up every morning; you do the same things, rush and get ready for work. Spend the whole day working hard, and at the end of the day you’re so tired, stressed in some cases and then you are home, you do daily chores this and that and the day ends after a while. The same routine, the same thing next day! So at times we don’t really know what we are truly living for.

Is it not true that we wait for a Friday; we so anxiously wait for our next holiday or a break or whatever? I am not saying whether it’s good or bad.

But when I look back at my life and I question myself, what I find is pretty dry and meaningless. I am not ‘living’ my life as such. I am only ‘living’ in the hope of a better time, a more convenient time in the future which may come or it might never come. Can you relate to this at all? I am sure you do.

At the same time, there is something inside you and I which says there must be more than this; something much deeper than this; something much more meaningful than this. But we do not know for sure what that is or what it wants and more importantly who is saying all these inside you.

Does it make sense? Does that ever happen to you? If you’re reading this I bet you do but we all ignore that inner voice and become doubtful of what it says. Let us take some time to pause and lovingly hear our inner-voice.  Be mindful, and do a simple spiritual goal setting exercise and see how we can know our self a bit better through deep listening.

Mindfulness exercise for spiritual goal setting

So sit quiet, listen, and do nothing. Close your eyes relax and feel what is going on around you. Once you’re ready bring your awareness back to your body from your surroundings and feel your body and its presence.

Feel the sensations happening in your body such as your breath, the movement of your chest muscles as you breathe gently and peacefully. Let the moments pass by you while you sit there and enjoy. When you feel relaxed enough, throw a gentle question to the silence of your mind asking whatever you want to ask about your life.

And wait! Yes, wait for as long as it takes. No force, no pressure, no compulsion to your mind to find an answer for you. Once you do that long enough, the answer will come on its own. And that will be our first step towards spiritual goal setting.

I want to make this clear to you, though I am using the term ‘spiritual goal setting’ it is flexible and natural, and the direction we take will be set by the needs of our beautiful heart.

Step #2: Spiritual goal setting based on what your heart wants.

How we lose our self and our natural identity? From the time you were born to the time now, imagine how much you have changed in every way. While we do all those things people want us to do, somehow we fall into the trap and become so busy and involved with things in life that we completely lose our self.

We lose our natural identity, and we forget we are a special human being who has come to this world with a special purpose.

“You are a special human being, and you have a special purpose in this world is vague.”

And I say this because most of us we do not have a clue what it really means. We scratch the surface by chanting these fad words and sentences maybe because we hear it so many times from those new age gurus or whatever.

You will know you are truly special and unique only when you become quiet and listen to your inner-voice without the fear of hearing the truth. So without beating the drums anymore, let us practice listening without fear. Heart speaks the truth, heart tells you the truth, heart wants you to do what it says and that’s the secret of a happy life.

When you graciously welcome the messages of your heart and listen to it, the result will be a beautiful and sincere smile in your face like the true Yogis. Once you know what your heart wants by being mindful, make sure you often remind your mind so that it does not forget again that’s what I try to do. Trust me this practice is truly liberating.

Step #3: Spiritual goal setting by re-aligning your heart in whatever you do.

The third step is the exciting bit! When you know what your heart wants you can have lots of fun when you do something. We all know the qualities of our heart such as unconditional love, simplicity, bliss and detachment with thoughts because we have experienced it first-hand as a child. So these things are not new to you. You need a reminder like we all do, and I am here to do that.

Apply the qualities of your heart in what you do and see how your life blossoms, see how happiness blossoms. You need to experiment with these things like the Yogis do. Actually, true Yogis are great scientists who experiment with their thoughts and their mind.

If you are interested in my work and what I do and you want to learn and apply some of these techniques to your life, please make sure you join my online course. They are simple step-by-step method to re-charge your life and make you truly happy.


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