Relaxation Process – 3 Powerful Steps

Relaxation Process – 3 Powerful Steps

How to relax in 3 simple steps and feel great?

Relaxation process to calm your body and mind – in this article we will look at 3 simple proven techniques for beating stress. Before you do anything, it would be a good idea to become a bit mindful about your existing levels of stress. In that way you can easily identify what’s causing it.

relaxation process mindfulness meditation linkThat’s the first and foremost thing which we all ignore when we are stressed out. Let’s be honest when we are stressed we do not think straight, right! I am sure there are times in life when we say “Oh this is too much for me it is so stressful” that I don’t even know what to do? Does that ring a bell?

The things which cause you stress are called the stress-or. When we know the cause it is much easier to deal with it and find a suitable solution rather than shooting in the dark. If you agree with that let’s dive in and take some real actions here.

Relaxation Process Step #1

Pause, slow down and use this simple exercise to do a quick assessment of your current stress situation. Since there is no right or wrong please write whatever comes to your mind because that’s the best way to get things out of your head.

Bothering thoughts are like huge rocks – do not carry them in your head. Trust me even writing things down will help you off load huge amount of pressure from your mind.

I even got you started with some good examples. So take a blank piece of paper and draw out a simple table like mine shown below. Create as many rows you may need and have fun with it:

List of what causes me stress? What do I do about it?
I have too much work pressure. I stress about it and I do not take any steps to reduce it or manage it better.
Having breakfast in the morning can become stressful for me since I wake up late and I have to rush to work. I can sleep early and organize myself a bit better and wake up early so that I have enough time for a healthy breakfast.


Relaxation Process Step #2

Well done on the previous step! Now it’s time for you to take action and organize yourself better with the ideas you came up with in the above table. From our example above: make sure you wake up early and have a healthy breakfast. Do not forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Sounds simple but strange enough we do not do these simple things quite often. If we do our life would be smoother and it will be much more relaxed and joyful.

Once you have taken action make sure you go back to your stress assessment table and update it with whatever changes you made to your life-style. Make sure you stick to the routine and get things done. This will help you organize your life better and your mind will feel that you’re not in a mess rather you are in control. Remember every small step matters – every little helps!

Relaxation Process Step #3

In step 3 of the relaxation process I will share with you some great tips and resources to help you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to relax and achieve inner peace. I teach mindfulness which will help you to become aware of your mind, body, thoughts and your feelings and bring you back to the present moment. If you’re interested you can join the course for 1 week absolutely free – click here and find out more!
  2. A great article on: how Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) help you beat stress?
  3. Slow and deep rhythmic breathing is another excellent relaxation process – only a few minutes of practice can make you calm and relaxed.
  4. Spending time in nature is an amazing way to unwind – maybe go for a nice gentle walk on a beautiful day to feel happy and joyful.
  5. Simple Mindful Exercises.

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