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Mindfulness Podcast

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 1

Mindfulness podcast your cup is too full

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Mind wants to do funny things. Mind wants to worry. Mind wants to think. Hey, this is what mind does, right! How can you see what your mind does? How can you watch your mind? How can you be more mindful of who is getting in to your mind and who is going out by being a ‘Watchman’? This is everything that I will share with you. And, I will tell you the beautiful story of a donkey and his master. While listening to this mindfulness podcast and if you lie down in a couch or bed I guarantee you, it will make you calm and you will almost fall-asleep. Try it!

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 2

mindfulness podcast man goes to the monk

This is a continuation of Mindfulness Podcast Episode 1. So the man goes to the monastery to seek more wisdom from a monk. The monk says to him: you are here I am so grateful but what more can I give you. The man is a bit baffled and asks why the monk did what he did? To find out more about this beautiful story of mindfulness come and join me in this episode.

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 3

Mindfulness podcast to be in the present moment

As a young boy or a girl did you ever go to the class and find that you’re there but your mind somewhere else? You know what I am talking about, don’t you? In this episode of mindfulness podcast, I am going to share with you a beautiful story of a little boy. Interestingly, I know this boy who grew up in a small picturesque town in the foot hills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. Come on and join me in another fun and frolicking episode of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 4

Mindfulness podcast princess in the castle

Hey, are you wondering what has prince and princess got to do with mindfulness? Wait till you hear this beautiful mindfulness podcast. I read this story, quite a few years ago when I was a secondary school in Liverpool, England. When I talk about Liverpool I become little bit nostalgic because I love Liverpool to bits. Anyway, coming back to our mindfulness podcast, you might have heard about the importance of breath. And, how breathing mindfully can help us relax our body and mind? Not only that breath can transport and propel us to a whole new dimension of life. If we learn and know how to use our breath properly, we can see a paradigm shift happening all around us. I am going to share with you a wonderful story of a Princess who was held captive in a tall castle by the magic mountains.

Mindfulness Podcast Episode 5

Mindfulness podcast wisdom of thousand steps

A man got so frustrated with life that he decided to leave everything. Yes, I mean everything. And, he wanted to become a monk. He was desperate and he wanted to gain all wisdom as quickly as possible. He heard about a seasoned monk who lived in a monastery near his village. So in a hurry he went there and he met the monk and told him about the sad story of his life. And expressed his desire to become his disciple and live as a monk with him. Now what happens next is really interesting. Come and join me again in the mindfulness podcast and hear this beautiful story of mindfulness.

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