If you are looking for Peace this program is solely focused on achieving inner peace through the practice of Simple Mindfulness Meditation + Mind Programming.mindfulness three simple steps Even Buddha struggled with meditation do you know this beautiful story? You’ll love it because this story will change your life forever! I know you want me to tell you more about this course. But you would be surprised if I tell you Buddha’s story is the main part of this course? So I cannot wait to tell you this nice little story about Buddha first, and the struggles he had when he started meditating. My Grand Ma was an amazing, amazing story teller. She told me this beautiful story when I was ten years or so. In India it is such a common thing to hear these nice spiritual and mythological stories from your grandparents. Yes I was darn fortunate! Anyway let me stop mumbling and fumbling and get to the story real quick: so Prince Siddhartha who later became the Buddha left his kingdom and went to the deep Himalayan forest to meditate. He sat down meditating but little did he know he would stumble upon huge issues – he could not sit still because it was insanely uncomfortable. Does that sound familiar? Off course it does (only if you try sitting for an hour with your eyes closed) – different thoughts started coming to his mind: he left his family, little son and a beautiful wife to become a monk. Not an easy thing to do, I suppose! Conflicting thoughts came to his mind. Questions such as whether he did the right thing or not renouncing his wealth, power and glitter troubled him. And they kept on tormenting him as if solid rocks were constantly hitting his mind with a bang. The more he tried to sit still, the more it became harder for Prince Siddhartha to continue meditating. He felt like giving up so many times.

What do you think he did?

Believe it or not that’s the exact question my Grand Ma asked me, maybe some 35 years ago (hey now you know my age) and it’s still fresh in my mind as if she asked me yesterday! Yep, like me you got it right! Prince Siddhartha did not give up. He sat down in silence and started observing his mind and his thoughts just like we watch a movie. One scene after the other came! The drama unfolded. One thought after the other appeared before him trying to convince him that what he was doing was not right. But he kept on observing his mind in silence. Guess what? After a while the thoughts gave up, the mind gave up and bowed down to Prince Siddhartha and the world got a Buddha!

Now why did I tell you this story? Am I suggesting you become the next Buddha?

No not at all! But we are doing the same thing like Buddha. We will observe our mind like he did. It is darn simple! Certainly there is more to it, which I will teach you in this program only if you’re interested! Buddha was a great scientist. He experimented with his mind and that’s what I am interested in. This course has nothing to do with Buddhism. Buddha did not create Buddhism – some people did (but that’s a whole different story and I don’t want to go there).

So how mindfulness came into being?

In modern times his meditation is called Mindfulness. It is a well-researched topic in the renowned Universities and research institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and Cambridge to name a few. Let me tell you the research findings are astonishing. I have provided you some links at the bottom of this page in case you want to explore further. mindfulness detachment

It is hard to believe “Inner Peace” is free. My promise is to help you discover that..

mindfulness quote landing page Hey, welcome this is your friend Deb Chowdhury – an ordinary guy for sure, not a Guru! It is such a pleasure to meet you. I think it is very important for me to make it absolutely clear to you at the very beginning that I am not going to you teach you just meditation like many others do. Because anyone can do that, right! If you search YouTube or Google you’ll find the web is flooded with Gurus and so called Monks: Oh close your eyes, focus on your breath, take deep breaths and make sure you don’t forget to keep your back straight like a pine tree or whatever! So instead of reinventing the wheel, I am going to teach you a life-skill, a whole new method which will help you to solve your real life problems such as stress, anxiety, unnecessary fear, relationship and confidence issues using my KAR METHOD™ of mindfulness. It does not matter if you have done some meditation before or you’re an absolute beginner. Because I will show you how to take baby steps and guide you step by step. So ask yourself if that’s what you want? If you do, please keep reading. Do you remember this beautiful saying? mindfulness quote2 landing page Maybe that’s the reason you and I have connected today for creating a happy, fulfilling, and peaceful life using my simple method of Mindfulness Based Problem Solving (MBPS) ™. The real good thing about my mindfulness master course: it does not matter what your current life situation is? It works wonders EVEN when some of the things in life seem chaotic. It works even when some of the things in your life are not as it should be.

How to Meditate now with KAR Method?

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Is this program right for you?

Meditation is only a tool to take us where we want to go. It is a means to an end not an end in itself. Meditation originates from the Sanskrit word DHYAN which means attention, awareness or mindfulness – Deb Chowdhury

green mindfulness tick Now pause and first ask yourself why you are here?
 green mindfulness tick I say this because this program may or may not be right for you. That’s why I kept first week free for you to try it out. Even first week maybe enough for some because it’s got tons of material. This program is based on 5000 year old Vedic and Yogic tradition – would you be interested in this type of meditation and self-development program?
 green mindfulness tick This is not just a meditation course – my goal is to support you and be there for you all along your journey. We are a community you will never be alone and specially if you’re going through a difficult time in your life. That’s the reason this course is solely focused on experiencing inner-peace. We meditate for peace!
 green mindfulness tick  Watch the two videos and the mindfulness podcast – see if you can connect to my teaching – if yes register above for the free 1 week mindfulness master course. Otherwise I thank you for your visit and appreciate your time and I wish you good luck in your search for the right teacher.

What will you learn in Week 1?

Meditation is hopelessly simple and this program is a hallmark of that.

  • KAR METHOD of Mindfulness – based on 5000 year old Vedic technique.
  • Guided Meditation – I will give you cheat sheet so that you can quickly become independent.
  • Tips for beginners – I will share with you the mistakes most people make (including me), so you can avoid them.
  • Body Scanning + Exercises for shifting attention (how to live in the present moment?).
  • Basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) + Exercises for helpful and positive thinking.
  • Breaking your thought pattern (for e.g. someone says something to you, and you get hurt. Now this thought keeps on circling around your head like a little monster – you’ll master how to break that pattern).
  • Mindfulness podcast + exercises.
  • Unlimited access to member’s only forum – ask me questions and I answer them for you.
  • Know more about what will be covered in Week 2 and 3.

Please note: Week 1 is my gift to you at no cost at all. I am fortunate to have worked with few people who were very close to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who taught Transcendental Meditation (TM) to ‘The Beatles’ and many other celebrities. This program has a solid foundation but DO NOT take my words for granted – rather try it. Be advised annual membership is needed for Week 2 and 3 at a nominal cost but there is no obligation. My life’s purpose is to serve you (SEVA in Sanskrit) your support helps me to run this site. Please DO NOT continue to Week 2 and 3 if you feel this course is not for you after trying the first week diligently. This will save disappointments for both you and me. I want my students 100% happy and satisfied! Like you choose me I like to choose my students – yes the best ones like you. [100% NO SPAM POLICY. I will never share your email with anyone. Also, you can unsubscribe from my free newsletter with just one click. You will receive an email from me after you join above if you did not receive it, please check your spam/junk folder and add the email to your safe list so that you receive all important course notifications.]

Mindfulness Podcast – your cup is too full my friend!

mindfulness podcast page share icon Let me give you a beautiful gift of mindfulness. I have recorded this mindfulness podcast specially for you. See if you like it. Because it will give you a good idea what you can expect from the program and me as your teacher. If you think you can relate to me, and you feel you will be able to gain immensely from my mindfulness master course, I would suggest you join the 7 day free mindfulness program without wasting any more time.  Good luck and thank you for joining. mindfulness ad button

Sample lesson from Week 1

  1. How can Meditation and CBT help you beat stress?

Namaste and thank you for spending some precious moments of your life here with me. Please make every moment count. Please make every breath count. See you in the course – Deb Chowdhury.

Science behind mindfulness and what research says

Mindfulness meditation is a very simple technique yet highly powerful and effective. It has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and help you achieve a calm and tranquil mind, leading to peace and happiness. Below I have provided links to various reliable sources, where intensive research were carried out on the effectiveness of mindfulness.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles
  2. Harvard University
  3. Oxford University
  4. University of Toronto
  5. University of California, Berkeley