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My Inner Peace Quotes Collection

This collection of inner peace quotes have sprung up from the experience of my ordinary and simple life. I have collected some of them and put it here for you. I hope you enjoy and reflect on them – Debc

“Mud is mud and water is water. “

Have you ever wondered most possessions in your life has been acquired by you either through your hard work or inheritance? There is one thing you came with when you were born. And, that which you came with is Inner Peace. Maybe this peace that you have within you has been disturbed by things which have happened in your life. It has become like muddy water. If you take a glass of clean and pure water and add some mud in it and stir it up well. The clean water will become muddy. But, this does not mean that the water in the glass has turned to mud. Mud is mud and water is water. So you’re that beautiful clean, pure water. When you allow the mud to settle down you will see pure water again. You have to learn to stop disturbing the mud ; you have to learn to stop disturbing yourself. How? That’s exactly what I will teach you here. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Get the shit off your mind and be like a child.”

I always say this: get your shitty mind back to your original state of being. Be like a child because a child can be happy without a reason. You, me and everyone else we were a child at some point in our life. So we know how to be happy without a reason. So you have to take some steps backward. The so called ‘Spiritual People’ like to use a fancy word for this “Retreat” this can be done through Mindfulness which I teach you in my courses. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Learn to edit your mind like you edit when you write.”

Do you know that your mind has the story of your life? The story you tell yourself all the time is the story of your life. If the stories are peaceful you will have inner peace. If the stories are a collection of turmoil your life is a turmoil. It is not impossible to re-write your story by editing it. There is an inner-technology you can use and that technology is called Mindfulness. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“If you know one piece of clay you will know all the clay in the world.” 

When you know yourself well, you will know that both peace and unhappiness are created inside you. Understanding how you create is the key. What creates inner peace? And what creates unhappiness? Conscious creation will lead towards inner peace. Mindfulness allows you to consciously create inner peace and happiness. [Ramakrishna Inner Peace Quotes]

“Peace begins with a smile.”

Smile appears as peace is felt in your heart. Smile appears when our heart is filled with joy. Smile appears when you see joy in what you see. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“You may want to let go, and be a part of each moment of your life. Or, you may want to remain fixated on the being residing in you. Both will lead you to inner peace and joy.”

What you have inside you and what you see outside you is the same when you see it as life as a whole. The difference is felt when this thread is broken due to our indifference to the flow of life. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Get Real – I know we all want to live in our own dream world but sooner you unlock the key to the real you. The sooner you’ll find inner peace.”

It is true we conjure up things. I am not saying anything whether it is good or bad. We all know what we want from our life because our journey is unique and can be compared to nobody else in this Universe. Like I said before if we let the mud to settle we will see what’s real. There is only one way to calm your mind like the water in a serene lake and that is called meditation if you like. And, that’s what I teach you here if you’re remotely interested. No, no not just meditation “how to settle your mud”. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Stop fooling around and know death and that’s what will follow. One of the two greatest event of your life – birth has already happened and people have rejoiced for you.”

You came with nothing and you’ll go with nothing. When I truly got this into my head I could understand the world better. The things we worry about will crumble into pieces with time. And that’s how Mother Nature works. So worry less nothing is yours my friend and give peace a chance! [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Embrace love and unconditionally bless the Universe.”

Where there is true love there is peace. Stop pretending and showing off. Love for love’s sake. Every morning when you wake up bless everyone in the Universe. Do the same when you go to bed and do it all day long and see love blossom in your life and inner peace flourish. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

“Success is only a state of mind.”

You will see people having millions of dollars but they live miserable lives, jump of buildings when Wall St. becomes funny, sleep through pills. Yogis can give a hearty smile even when they have nothing. I am not suggesting you become a Yogi or anything like that. But I am only trying to say: success is what we see and perceive, so our mind is programmable, it can be fine-tuned. [Debc from Inner Peace Quotes of Life]

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