Do you want be happy at work?

How to be happy at work in 7 Mindful Steps?

Let’s say you leave home at 7 in the morning and come back at 5 in the evening. And if you go to bed at 10 pm. How many hours do you have left to yourself? Not many, that too I am completely ignoring the time you spend at home thinking and preparing for work.

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I remember when I used to work in London, every day I traveled 2 hours to work. I am sure you know what I mean. Most of us spend more waking hours in our work place. Why am I saying all these to you?

Obviously to emphasize the importance of how you spend your time at work. Do you find yourself stressed, unhappy, embroiled in office politics this and that which kills your Soul and makes you feel unfulfilled and miserable?

Once there was a time when I used to feel miserable, I almost hated my job and I regretted going to work. Mindfulness helped me to come out of that state of mind and re-frame the way I think which changed the way I felt. And, that was a deal-breaker! I am happy at what I do now and when I am not I know what to do and how to re-frame again. I wish you to do the same and that’s exactly what I am going to teach you in this online course.

You see I am not that bad, am I? Though my articles are pretty long they are comprehensive and high-quality – I don’t believe in offering peanuts! If you truly feel that you want to know how to be happy at work you should continue reading and you won’t regret spending your valuable time.

Do you wake up with this beautiful feeling every morning?

“I cannot wait doing what I love the most and making a positive difference to my life and many others.”

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So very true, if this is what we can do every morning our life would be so amazingly fulfilling and meaningful! What do you think? You won’t have to force yourself to work anymore because if you do what you love to do you will like to do more. That is profoundly liberating.

A good example would be what I am doing right now. I am writing this online course for you and I know for sure it has the power to transform you and make a huge difference to your life. What if I can help you to become happy in what you do and get the most of your life?

And you know what? This is something which keeps me motivated. I can literally spend hours and hours researching the topic and write a high-quality online course for you. Why? Because this is what I love to do; I like to make a positive difference to the lives of people like you by sharing my knowledge and that is the greatest motivating factor. Imagine waking up every morning full of energy, and doing what you love to do and also making a living out of it. Is it not an amazing thought?

So why not become mindful this moment and ask yourself what do I love doing the most?

I am sure you would consider yourself extremely fortunate if you are happy with your job. There is no doubt you will want to wake up every morning and do what you truly love to do; things which you are truly passionate about. Do you agree with me?

Lucky you if you’re that person!

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people. These days more and more people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their job. Why? Come let’s explore it together and see how we can apply mindfulness and unravel the cause of your dissatisfaction at work. Once you know the cause by being mindful then I will lead you to systematically look for ways to remove the cause and become happy at work. How does it sound? Obviously amazing!

What will you gain from this online course?

So if you are wondering how to be happy with your job you’re in the right place as I will share with you 7 Simple Steps (shown above in the info. graphic) that you can use to keep yourself happy and become more productive at work. In this course, my goal is to share with you some ideas and tips and show you how to be happy with your job even when everything is not going according to plan or your desire. I will teach you simple mindfulness techniques that you can use to question your negative or unproductive thoughts and re-frame them. The free online course on how to be happy at work will have quizzes, videos, podcasts etc. to provide you an awesome learning experience. So what are you waiting for? Go dive in!

How to be happy at work Step #1?

First things first let’s begin with this very important question: why are you not happy with your job?

“If you are lost this moment in time how on earth would you go where you need to go?”

Before you make any headway you need to know why you are dissatisfied with your job. And this is the most important thing which most people ignore. I am not happy with my job that’s it! People never take the time to find out why and then do something about it. They do not have a clue why they are not happy with their job. Are you one of them?

Did you ever sit down quietly, one on one to reflect what’s going on with you? Do that now by becoming mindful and see how good you feel. Trust me you will feel quite liberated. Please complete the simple exercise given below and drop me a line on how you feel!

At this point, it is a good idea to take a piece of paper and write down as many possible reasons as you can think of. I have cited an example to get you started. You can use the Personal Job Satisfaction Assessment Tool given below:

Why am I not happy with my job? What will make me happy in my job?
(1) For example: I do not feel valued. (1) My colleagues recognize my worth and value me.
(2) (2)
(3) (3)
(4) (4)
(5) (5)

Ask yourself: why am I not happy with my job? We are not worried about perfect answers so write down whatever flows to your mind. I suggest you use simple words and make a bullet point list of the reasons. That’s the starting point! You will be amazed when you write them down.

Firstly, you will feel better as this will help you to vent it out of your bottled-mind. Then, when you see them in a written form you will start to see the pattern or the structure of your thoughts visibly that’s really, really important!

How to be happy at work Step #2?

Using the same idea from step 1 above, please make another bullet-ed list. This time ask yourself these simple questions: what will make me happy in my job? What do I really want? I have cited an example to get you started. Yes, do not be fussy at all just write whatever comes to your mind that’s the best way to visibly see what your heart wants.

Remember when we see things in a written form we understand better it makes more sense to us. For example if you have never seen an apple in your life and I keep chanting apple, apple, apple a million times in front of you, tell me what good will it do to you? Absolutely nothing! You have to see an apple and feel it to know what it is like or eat it to know how it tastes. Hope that makes sense!

So when you know clearly what your heart wants, take steps and do it, you will be happy not rocket science. Is it? In this course, I will help you to explore your inner-self and do that using Mindfulness. If you’re wondering what mindfulness is? Be patient and not worry at all because I will teach you that as well. By the end of this online course you will discover the Real You, and you’ll know what your true passion is. And that’s not the end because I will also show you how you can move towards your dream bit-by-bit. Let me shut-up for now so that you can complete the exercise for this vital step.

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Updated: August 21, 2016

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