How to achieve inner peace?

How to achieve inner peace?

Map of 5 Mindful Steps for finding Inner Peace

STEP 1 ∇
Mindful Forgiving
STEP 2 ∇
Chunking the Mind
STEP 3 ∇
Unconditional Giving of the Mind
STEP 4 ∇
Becoming aware of your presence
STEP 5 ∇
Realizing and harnessing the power of Impermanence

Step #1: How to achieve inner peace every day by forgiving?

Did you ever come across the term ‘forgive and forget’ or ‘letting go’? I am sure you have. Practicing forgiveness is a great virtue. When you forgive it calms your mind, nourishes your heart and helps you achieve inner peace. When you forgive you will be able to forget those things and you will be able to let go and move on with your life. Even if you do not forget, the same thoughts won’t be able to torment you. As you know very well thoughts are powerful, and the quality of thoughts governs the quality of your life.

But the truth is: sometimes this is easier said than done. Both you and I know how hard it is to forgive because our mind does not want to let go. Just imagine when someone does something wrong to you, and it makes you feel humiliated and upset. Even after that moment has passed you still carry the memory of a bad incident in your mind. And that results in dis-ease, stress and unhappiness. So is there anything you can do about it? Off course you can. Read on to find out more.

I have found mindfulness can be quite helpful in these situations. Mindfulness helps us to take a step back, and objectively look at a situation, become aware hence empowering us to let go of the memory eventually.

If you’re wondering how you can use mindfulness to achieve inner peace? Let me bring you the good news: I will teach you mindfulness and show you how you can practice the art of forgiveness and clear your mind of negative thoughts.

And the good thing is: we will do it step-by-step and make it simple and easy for you.

Step #2: How to achieve inner peace every day by resting and becoming quiet?

When I talked about mindfulness in the previous section, I was actually thinking of telling you about the power of becoming quiet and silencing your mind on a regular basis by taking small mental-breaks throughout the day. I also call this method ‘Chunking the Mind’ and what I really mean here is to break your thought patterns.

Your mind goes on a treadmill and if you do not intervene it goes round and round with no signs of stopping. Chunking the mind is when you intervene, and you take control of your mind by saying: hey enough is enough, let’s take a break. You tell your mind what to do because your mind needs to listen to you. That’s what they say in Raja Yoga (yoga of the mind) all the time.

Remember, your mind needs to be driven like a car otherwise the chances are you will land up in a ditch somewhere. In my mindfulness course I teach this to all my students. Too much mental activity, too much thinking, too much noise creates huge distress and turmoil in your mind.

And you will know better, just think of a time when you were working too hard and thinking too hard. Or, maybe you were going through some difficult time in your relationship. Did you not feel completely drained? Did you not feel stressed out? These situations make us stressed and overthinking drains life-energy and we feel tired and miserable.

So I suggest if you want to achieve inner peace please take regular breaks and practice 1 minute meditations. Yes, I mean it you will see a positive difference soon. I do it all the time. Let’s say when I am working, I tend to take one minute breaks throughout the day. I spend one minute in complete silence.

So this is what you can do. Below I have created a simple yet immensely powerful meditation exercise for you. What are you waiting for? Meditate and enjoy for the next beautiful minute of your life!

One Minute Meditation Exercise
If possible close your eyes, and feel your whole body and relax by focusing on your breath. Breathe in and say in your mind: I calm my body. Feel the calmness spread all over your body and mind. Breathe out and say in your mind: I smile, and give a hearty smile. With your eyes closed see yourself smiling in your mind’s eye. Meditate and enjoy for a minute. Please do it few times a day and reap immediate benefits!

Note: I will soon update this page with the next 3 Mindful steps on how to achieve inner peace.


Updated: August 28, 2016

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