Mindfulness and Meditation The Difference

Mindfulness and Meditation The Difference

Is mindfulness and meditation the same thing? Yes mindfulness and meditation is the same thing. To understand this a bit better you would need to know what meditation is. Meditation comes from the Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) word Dhayan which simply means attention; it can also mean concentration or observation of the mind. Or, just to become aware of something and remain detached to that thing.

are mindfulness and meditation the same thing meditation linkLet me give you an example: let’s say a stressful thought is bothering you- relationship breakdown, job situation or whatever.

Interestingly what you can do in mindfulness or meditation is this:

You can close your eyes sit somewhere nice and quiet and just observe that bothering thought. My meditation room is usually clutter free and sometimes I even use a oil diffuser, some aromas helps in relaxing the mind and body. And my friend if you observe it long enough the ‘bothering thought’ will lose its power. That’s the whole idea of meditation or mindfulness or whatever you want to call it. Yes you might need a teacher initially.

Now coming to your original question: are mindfulness and meditation the same thing? Now that you know the meaning of meditation I don’t have to explain much about mindfulness because it simply means to be mindful or become aware of something. Think when someone said to you: be mindful! What do you do? You got it!

So they are the same thing. But people create so much unnecessary confusion. So please do not get carried away by the definition rather sit quiet and meditate. For sure there are different methods of doing meditation. Please check out my free meditation course I make it easy and simple for you.

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