Hey, This is Debojit Chowdhury, as you read along you’ll notice that I hardly care about grammar. Because I love to ‘write my heart’. My heart is untamed and free like yours. I capture what my heart says, and let it flow through you – unrestricted. If you love that, you’ll love me. Welcome to my website!

In this website, I will share with you my life’s journey, failures, understanding, successes and strengths. I hope you’ll read, relate and gain a little! Or, maybe you will say ‘nay’ this is not who I am or what I want to hear.

If you like my writing that is good. Now, if you do not like my writing that is good as well! Do you know why I say that? I am sure you do a little bit!

Because we are all different and unique. We live different lives, and that truly make us unique and real. Just pause and imagine for a moment, if we were all the same, then how boring it would be. We are unique that is a good thing. But, that also create a lot of challenges. Why?

Because our views are unique, our way of thinking and behaving are unique as well. Sometimes, these diversity create huge conflicts, and differences. Conflicts arise because of the differences we have. Yes, I know it also does when we are not treated fairly.

Schools, colleges and other formal establishments were created to tame this ‘wild and untamed being’ mold it and give it a shape. Why?

So, that we can get along and do something together. That’s where rules come into existence. Well, that is a not a bad thing at all. What do you think? Otherwise, we will get no where, I mean as a group.

Just imagine, you’re driving in a country where there are ‘no traffic rules’. It would be chaotic, right.

Funny enough – if you visit India where I originate from, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. Though much less, you will even see this in the roads of Europe or North America as well.

Crazy Road Stars are everywhere. But, even with all its craziness, India is awesome and so is Europe, North America and everywhere!

Rules are good, but it cuts our wildness

But, due to ‘too much molding’ we have also destroyed some of our ‘subtle blessings’ and our purity, innocence or whatever you wanna call it. We definitely need to restore some of our lost innocence and purity in order to remain sane and solid. 

Yogis like to call it balance. The whole purpose of Yoga is to maintain balance or equilibrium in our life.

Problems (I am not saying all) and lack of peace is a result of our ‘lost pure self’. And, how does losing our self look and feel like? Pretty chaotic, isn’t it so? Lost and directionless.

The whole self development industry is geared to restore our wild pure self. Nothing else! Yes, it is a ‘cheeky big pie’ – a multi-billion dollar industry. So, we see different Gurus, self help experts, so on and so forth. Let me caution you, I am none of those.

My Background – though not important!

I am a simple stupid guy! Honestly, more I grow older I tend to be loving my innocence and stupidity more. Why?

I don’t know why.

Like many of you, I have gone to school (because I had to), colleges and Universities and got tons of qualifications. I followed other people in my family, friends and people in my surrounding.

I did a couple of Post-graduate Degrees, and many more qualifications. I wonder why I did that, because at times I find them useless!!

Well, I worked as a high school teacher in England for a long, long time. Then in North America, working in the education sector. I still do some out of classroom teaching and IT work. Believe it or not, at times adults are more challenging than the kids I used to teach.

Hey, this is a brief account of my journey, much like yours or maybe not!

I very much consider myself a work in progress, and maybe you’re as well. And, that’s how we meet here. Don’t we?

In case you’re are still reading, and I haven’t bored you enough, then we definitely have something in common. Which we can possibly leverage to grow and enrich our lives together. How does that sound?


Uniqueness exists. Along with that a lot of commonalities also exist. And, we can see the co-existence of the two in our life. Why? Because we share this planet, and many times we also share the problems.

So, if you like what I do, please come back and read my blog and my writing from time to time. Also, please leave a comment below, and shout out to me that you were here. I will reply to every comment. But, I do not publish a lot because of my busy life style. Wish I could write more, and connect with you.

Welcome again and take care my friend!