How Can You Be Peaceful & Self-loving with ONE SIMPLE METHOD Even If You’re Going Through Difficulty In Life?

Dear Friend,

JOIN this program if you STRUGGLE with ONE of these “2 No Brainers”

  • YOU had a break-up or some sadness and you want to be PEACEFUL.
  • You feel that there is a VACUUM in your life (that something is missing).

Close your EYES and LISTEN to your breath. An eternal loving friend is waiting for you within – Deb Chowdhury

What will you GAIN from this program?

You’ll meditate and relax with me EVEN if you find it difficult to sit with your eyes closed because you’re super stressed, lonely, disturbed, anxious or sad. You won’t be alone because I will guide you.

If you want this, then definitely read on and find out more…

I can COACH you and maybe you can sit quietly with me and see a different dimension of YOU that you have never seen before in a MIRROR – Deb Chowdhury

We put on a mask for the world. But, there is a different “we” if we let our guards down. I want you to allow me to show you that “beautiful you” that has gone into the hiding.

How Do I Get Started?

I suggest you go through my Audio Book first, which is available on Amazon (link below). It is a COMPLETE program and this will get you started. Also, watch my videos and see if you can connect with me. That’s most important, after that if you decide to go for one-on-one coaching please do contact me.

Disclaimer & Things You Should Know

  • I do not claim that you’ll achieve ANYTHING spectacular or anything at all. If you’re looking for something fancy, this program is NOT for you.
  • I have SUFFERED from stress and anxiety, so I know how it feels and empathize with you or anyone going through a difficult time. I want to help if I can.
  • I am not a Guru, Expert or nothing like that. What I will share with you is my personal experience. That personal experience is very SIMPLE. And, anyone can do it.

NOTE: This is a coaching program and it will cost you money. And, I wanted to make this clear at the beginning. First session is a TRIAL. More information is given below. Please read everything in this page and watch the videos before joining.

What will we do in the coaching sessions?

  • For that moment you’ll become quiet and let go of all the baggage YOU have accumulated.
  • Let go of your identity, your accomplishments, your sadness, your relationships and how much money you’ve or you don’t have.
  • Also, let go of whatever this society has taught you or asked you to do.
  • Separate YOU from every other thing EVEN your own body.

Life happens and it keeps on changing all the time, right. The problems, stress, worries they are never the same. And, that’s the nature of life. But, what if you can step back and see from a distance that YOU and your PROBLEMS are two separate things, then right at that moment something magical happens. – Deb Chowdhury

Sometimes Be Like A Child Without A Baggage

Because a child knows a SECRET. They know something very special. A child knows how to be happy without a reason.  The good thing is that you and I, we knew this secret as a child. Maybe we have forgotten about it. We just need a reminder, that’s all. So, nothing is lost my friend.

This coaching program is that SIMPLE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re suffering from severe depression or other mental health conditions. Please seek your doctor’s advice. I am NOT a medical health professional. We will do practice simple breathing exercises during the coaching sessions. If you have a health condition, please seek your doctor’s advice before joining.