Eyes tear during meditation because they clear the weight of sadness off your mind

Eyes tear during meditation because they clear the weight of sadness off your mind

Eyes tear during meditation because they have a purpose. Mother Nature has designed our tears to carry a lot of weight in them as they flow out of your body and mind. So, do not worry if you cry during or after meditation.

It is perfectly normal. You’ll feel a huge weight has disappeared somewhere, and that’s what I call ‘the miracles of meditation’. It has happened to me many, many times and I feel so peaceful, quiet and lighthearted after I had a good cry in meditation. And I feel so secured. As if the Universe has embraced me with love and so much affection.What do you do when eyes tear during meditation?

The trick is to continue with your meditation. For example, you sit in meditation some thoughts start to bother and torment you. Allow them to come and accept them. Do not try to avoid them or ward them off.

Yes, for sometime these thoughts will hurt you. And then it might make you cry, let this happen naturally. Just observe whatever is happening inside your mind. Remember, in meditation you’re simply an observer. Or, ‘Sakshi’ in Sanskrit, which means a witness.

Let them come and let them go like the clouds in the sky – Deb Chowdhury.

So, next time when eyes tear during meditation, welcome them. Know for sure they will wash away the dents of sadness from your mind. Meditation is like a washing machine. It washes our mind just like a washing machine washes our clothes clean.

If you use a ‘mantra’ to meditate you will probably know how to use it. If you don’t use a mantra then you might want to practice mindfulness of physical sensations in your body, so that you are not stuck in your thoughts.

I would not like to talk more about how to meditate in this article because I have already covered them elsewhere, and it is beyond the scope of this article. So once more let me reiterate, do not worry if eyes tear during meditation, it is perfectly normal. I would say it is rather a very good thing if that happens. Because afterwards it will make you very relaxed and lighthearted.

Allow all your bottled up negative energy to wash away with the tears. If you have any questions about meditation, crying or sadness please leave a comment below I will do my best to answer them. Take care and lot’s of love. If you find this article useful please do share it with your friends and family. Here is another article on guided meditation and why you should go solo at some point and walk your path.

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